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Self-Care is not Selfish Vinyl Sticker

Self-Care is not Selfish Vinyl Sticker

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Do you feel guilty putting your needs above everyone else's? Do you think "self care" is a nice thought but not meant for you? Well, I've got a news for you - self-care is NOT selfish, and it's not a luxury. Because, think about it, if you're not taking care of yourself, you'll eventually burn out and be no good for anyone else anyway!

It's like your car - if you take it in for regular maintenance, you prevent the major issues from occurring in the future - saving you money and headache in a long run.

You know, people around you don't care as much if your house is in a perfect shape or you put beautiful homemade dinner on the table every night - they'd prefer that you're happy and healthy and fun to be around for a long time!

Let this sticker be a gentle reminder to take care of yourself every day :)

- This listing includes one 3" diameter (7.62 cm) Self-Care is not Selfish round sticker.

- This sticker is made of weather resistant vinyl, so you can stick it on many surfaces, indoor or outdoor! It's also dish-washer safe so it stays on your favorite water bottle and mugs ;)

- A perfect gift for a perfectionist or that friend who just does so much for others but not for herself.

- This artwork is also available as Art Print, Magnet, and Greeting Card.


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