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Cat Dad Father's Day Card

Cat Dad Father's Day Card

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Celebrate your cat loving fella this Father’s Day and show him how much you appreciate his loving care for your fur babies. (I’m sure your cats haven’t prepared anything for him.)

I've always loved cats since I was little. Since my parents wouldn’t let me have cats for a long time, I fantasized about having one pretty much 24/7.

My husband, Dave, and I don’t have any human kids but shared two kitties, so I created this card to celebrate what an awesome cat dad he is!

Dave always loved animals and was more of a dog person when we met. He was even allergic to cats growing up. But magically, he grew out of his cat allergy as he got older - it’s like he was meant to meet me, a hopeless cat-lover!

I had my two cats, Lulu and Sheppie, from my previous relationship, when we met. They were pretty much my babies. It was important to me that whoever I’d bring in to our life would understand how important they were to me and at least tolerate them, if not love them.

To my delight, my kitties won him over pretty quickly with their cuteness, loving personality (for the most part), and their comical antics. Dave is so sweet and loving with any and all cats he meets. I sometimes wonder if he’s become a bigger cat person than I am now!

We’ve been through some scary and tough situations with our cats, too - both kitties are now in heaven, but losing them was one of the hardest things in our life. He’s been my rock through thick and thin, and I’m really grateful to have him in my life.

On Father’s Day, I like to thank him for being an awesome dad to my cats. I’ve been making a card just for him in previous years but thought there might be other people who want to celebrate their cat dad, too! So I decided to share this card with you.

For this card, I drew faces of cats I’ve met and grown to love with a brush pen on paper. I colored and created the design digitally.

- Cats are in dark blue, orange, light green, dark grey/brown, and light blue green.
- It measures about 4.25”x5.5” (approx. 10.80 cm x 13.97 cm), A2 size, folded.
- The front of the card has my handwritten message “Thank you for being an awesome cat dad.” in dark blue.
- It’s printed on heavy 100% recycled white card stock.
- It comes with a craft paper envelope.
- It’s blank inside so you can include your heartfelt message for an awesome kitty dad in your life.
- Do you have a Dog Dad you want to celebrate? I have a dog daddy card, too.


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