Spring block printing on fabric workshop registration is OPEN!

In this 1-day basic block printing class, you’ll learn how to create a design, transfer your image on to a soft carving block, carve your block using a linocut tool, print your design on fabric, and heat-set your fabric to seal the ink. No prior drawing or printing experience necessary. Materials and tools will be provided. This class is open to adult students only.

Please read the workshop FAQs for more information including my cancellation policy.

NEW LOCATION: Greenwood Senior Center

- Saturday, March 30th | 1:30-6pm 

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- Saturday, April 20th | 1:30-6pm 

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Here is what past workshop students have said:

“It was a lot of fun! You showed us a way to make printmaking easy enough to do at home!” - Cait

“The experience was perfect. I don’t think it can be any better than what it was!” - Linda

"Great instruction and use of time - really fun!" - Niki

"It was fun and engaging. I made something beautiful! I'm so proud of myself!" - DeAnn

'"Yuko makes everyone feel like an artist!" - Carey

"Very easy and comprehensive to do from home." - Jaminah

"Lovely environment for learning and exploring our creative side. Thank you!" - Edit

"(The class) was small enough to get attention and everything you needed was here. I love how I came in knowing nothing and left with the confidence to do it on my own." - Sara

"I had no idea I would be so successful!!!" - Cynthia

"Very well organized from introducing materials and concepts to actual printing of the blocks." - Kathleen

"Yuko did a great job breaking down the process into manageable pieces. She was a patient, detailed, and supportive instructor." - Jennie

"I appreciate the encouragement and ease of working with the materials. Great work!" - Jessica

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