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Eat a Rainbow, Veggies Wrapping Paper Roll

Eat a Rainbow, Veggies Wrapping Paper Roll

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Growing your food, even if it's a small portion of what you need, is very empowering. It helps you stay connected to the nature and allows you to notice the beauty that surrounds you every day.

It nourishes you and your family - not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally. And it lets you learn from your mistakes and encourages you to live creatively.

And even though the food goes away once you eat it, the memory and feelings you create with people you share your meals with will last a long time.

- This listing includes one roll of 2 sheets (20"x29" each) Eat a Rainbow wrapping papers in a clear plastic bag

- Whimsical hand-drawn watercolor illustration of colorful veggies and fruits with light blue/green background

- High quality paper - some of my customers have framed it to enjoy it :)

- Ships in a sturdy mailing tube

- Great gifts for gardeners and cooks!


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