Copy of About Yuko

Hi there!
My name is Yuko Miki, the artist and designer behind Honeyberry Studios in Seattle.
I grew up in Himeji, Japan and have been living in Seattle since 1996.
My dad, mom, and brother still live in Japan, and I try to visit them every couple of years.

{Here is my husband, Dave, my dad, me, and my mom in Kanazawa, Japan in October 2017.}

I became a full-time artist in July 2015. Before that, I worked for LifeWire, a non-profit domestic violence organization, for 14 years.
I don't have an art degree but have always loved to doodle and do crafty things.
Drawing was a hobby at first but people started noticing what I made and started asking if I could make art for them.
I started selling my crochet fingerless gloves on Etsy in 2010 and kept making more things. I got burnt out on making crochet products, though, and started making more illustrations in 2013-ish.
My job at the DV org was super rewarding and I loved the people I worked with.
But I started feeling that something was missing.
I wanted to do something more creative, something that felt more positive and happy.
I was struggling more and more to stay engaged in my job.
I could tell my heart wasn't in it 100% any more.
So I took a week off to think - Dave and I sat down one evening and crunched all our numbers. After doing our budget, we found that his income could support us for the foreseeable future.
I gave my notice that following Monday.
It was a very scary decision to quit.
I started working there right out of college and was the youngest person there. 14 years and several positions later, I was no longer the youngest.
I had more experience and different life goals.
Leaving my friends, routine, and steady paycheck was so out of my comfort zone!!
But 3 years later, my business continues to grow, and I've never regretted my decision to quit.
Sure, running your business making art is not easy at all.
Someone said running your own business is the best therapy you can get. You're pushed outside of your comfort zone and learning about yourself all the time.
(In fact, I'd never worked so hard in my life 😅)
But I'm so HAPPY that I get to do what I love and get to connect with so many awesome, kind people like you through my art 😊
I do miss helping people sometimes, but making art that brings joy to people is as rewarding.
I'm not a "glass-half-full" kind of person, so I make art that makes me happy.
I need a reminder to stay positive and find something to be grateful for even if it's not always obvious.
I surround myself with positive art and people to lift me up when things feel heavy.
And I hope my creations cheer you up when you need a little boost ❤️

Honeyberry Studios is a one woman shop.

I create all the art and designs myself. I package all my products and do my own marketing. I sell them in my online shop, in-person at craft fairs, and wholesale to retailers around the country.

It's a labor of love.

When I'm not working in my biz, you can find me on the couch reading or making doodles. Oh, and I'm very much an INFJ.
Thank you for being here, and I look forward to creating beautiful, uplifting art for you 😊

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