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Green Leaf Kraft Blank Notebook
Green Leaf Kraft Blank Notebook
Green Leaf Kraft Blank Notebook
Green Leaf Kraft Blank Notebook

Green Leaf Kraft Blank Notebook

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*This item is discontinuing. Once the inventory is gone, it's gone!

We used to do so many things on paper, like reading a book and writing someone a letter.

We've become much more reliant on our digital devices nowadays, and even though I do enjoy the convenience of getting stuff done digitally, I gotta admit there is something very special about writing down your thoughts and reflections on a piece of paper with a pen.

I believe the act of writing them down physically makes it more intentional.

For one, I've been using my little notebooks to keep track of small accomplishments I've made every day. As I tackle tasks from my to-do list, I just simply write them down in my notebook. When someone would ask me "what did you do today?" in the past, I used to be like "um... stuff?"

Even though I was busy, things sort of melded together by the end of the day, and it was often just a blur.

But since I started writing down my daily accomplishments, I can look back at my notebook and know exactly what I've done!

When you're working towards a big professional or personal goal, it can get overwhelming and discouraging. My little notebooks help me focus on my successes even if they seem small and insignificant and make me proud of the progresses I've made to reach my goals.

I've created these kraft notebooks so you can build more intentions around your day.

You can use them to write down your accomplishments, journal your feelings and thoughts, keep a record of what you ate, or jot down what you're grateful for at the end of the day. It's blank inside, so it makes a great travel sketchbook for when an urge to doodle suddenly strikes while you're out and about!

- This listing is for one Watercolor Green Leaf patterned kraft notebook.

- Each notebook is 5"w x7"h (12.7 cmx17.78cm) with heavy, natural-colored kraft cover with rounded corners.

- 40 blank white pages inside

- The original pattern was hand-drawn with watercolor and pen on paper and then digitally designed to make your notebook fun and beautiful. The pattern is printed on both the front and the back.

- Sustainably-sourced materials

- Printed and hand-crafted in USA

- Packaged with white paper band wrapped around each notebook in a protective cellophane bag for easy gifting


** Please note photos were taken with the first run of notebooks - second run that's currently available has a slightly darker kraft paper cover.


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Versatile notebook

This is the perfect little notebook for just about anything. Glad I was able to get one before they sold out!